Journal Paper

Year Journal
Forthcoming Hung-Kun Chen/Yin-Chi Liao/Chih-Yung Lin/Ju-Fang Yen,How does political connection of CEO affect bank performance during the financial crisis,Journal of Financial Stability,,
2021 Yen-Cheng Chang, Yu-Siang Su and Ju-Fang Yen,Market Timing and Share Repurchase : A Regression Discontinuity Approach,Empirical Economics Letters,,,C (accepted)
2020 Po-Hsin Ho, Chih-Yung Lin and Ju-Fang Yen,CEO overconfidence and bank loan contracting,Journal of Corporate Finance,64,,C2
2018 Hung-Kun Chen /Yin-Chi Liao /Chih-Yung Lin /Ju-Fang Yen,The effect of the political connections of government bank CEOs on bank performance during the financial crisis,Journal of Financial Stability,36,130-143,SSCI
2016 Po-Hsin Ho, Chia-Wei Huang, Chih-Yung Lin, Ju-Fang Yen,CEO overconfidence and financial crisis: Evidence from bank lending and leverage,Journal of Financial Economics,,,SSCI
2015 Ju-Fang Yen, Mong-Hong Lee, Ko-Rong Jain,Stock liquidity and debt financing policy,Journal of Statistics and Computing,16,51-67,None
2015 Ju-Fang Yen, Chih-Yung Lin, Yan-Shing Chen, Ying-Chen Huang,Founding family firm and bank loan contracts.,Journal of Financial Services Research,48(1),53-82,SSCI
2014 Ju-Fang Yen, Yan-Shing Chen, Chung-Hua Shen, and Chih-Yung Lin,Why do firms allow their CEOs to join trade associations?,International Review of Economics & Finance,32,47-61,SSCI
2014 Ju-Fang Yen, Yan-Shing Chen, Chih-Yung Lin, and John Tsai,Can political and business connections alleviate financial constraints?,Applied Economics Letters,21(8),550-555,SSCI
2014 Tsung-Kang Chen, Hsien-Hsing Liao, Ahyee Lee, Ju-Fang Yen,Internal liquidity and REIT excess returns,Review of Securities & Futures Markets,26,1-42,TSSCI
2014 Chih-Yung Lin, Yan-Shing Chen, Ju-Fang Yen,On the determinant of bank loan contracts: The roles of borrowers’ ownership and board structures,Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance,54(4),500-512,Econlit
2014 Chia-Wei Huang, Po-Hsin Ho, Chih-Yung Lin, Ju-Fang Yen,Firm age, idiosyncratic risk, and long-run SEO underperformance.,International Review of Economics & Finance,34,246-266,SSCI

Conference paper

Year Title
2022 Ju-Feng, Yen, Ya-Ting, Lee*,CEO Facial Traits and Stock Price Informativeness,第三十一屆南區統計研討會,台中市,台灣
2019  Ju-Feng Yen、Wei-Jen Chang,The Effects of Social Media on Firm Performance: Evidence from Consumer Industry,第二十八屆南區統計研討會,台中市,台灣
2017 Cheng-Der Fuh, Tianxiao Pang, Hsin-Chieh Wong*, and Meng-Hua Chung,Robust test of stock return predictability under heavy-tailed innovations,1st International Conference on Econometrics and Statistics,Hong Kong,
2016 Ju-Fang Yen,Institutional investors and the 2007-2008 financial crisis,International Academic Conference on Social Sciences,Tokyo,Japan
2015 Ju-Fang Yen,Managerial overconfidence and capital structure adjustments.,International Conference on Innovation and Management,Sapporo,Japan
2014 Ju-Fang Yen,Stock Market Liquidity and Capital Structure Adjustments.,International Business Research, Economics, Finance & MIS Conference,Okinawa,Japan
2014 Ju-Fang Yen,Financial Flexibility and the Puzzle of Capital Structure.,The 9th Cross-Strait Conference on Probability and Statistics,Taichung,Taiwan
2014 Ju-Fang Yen,Financial Flexibility and the Puzzle of Capital Structure.,2014 International Conference on Business and Social Science,Tokyo,Japan
2014 Ju-Fang Yen,Stock Market Liquidity and Capital Structure Adjustments,2014 International Conference of Taiwan Finance Association,HsinChu,Taiwan


Year Book

Research project

Unit Project Start Date Role
科技部 風險容忍度對公司現金政策之探討 2019/8/1 主持人
科技部 風險容忍度對公司現金政策之探討 2018/08/01 主持人
科技部 在投資機會不確定性下經理人過度自信與公司內部現金管理之理論與實證分析 2017/08/01 主持人
科技部(原行政院國科會) 在投資機會不確定性下經理人過度自信與公司內部現金管理之理論與實證分析 2016/08/01 主持人
科技部(原行政院國科會) 金融危機與資本結構調整行為:從全球的資料來看 2015/08/01 主持人
科技部(原行政院國科會) 經理人過度自信與公司資本結構調整之探討 2014/08/01 主持人


Date Services Unit Role
2022/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 學生事務委員會
2021/08/01 委員會委員 統計系 院教評會
2021/08/01 委員會委員 統計系 學術委員會
2020/08/01 委員會委員 統計系 福利與財產委員會
2020/08/01 其他委員 統計學系 109-110學年度學士班導師
2020 校外試務相關委員 統計學系109學年度碩士班甄試招生委員 書審與面試
2019/08/01 委員會委員 統計系 課程委員會
2019/04/02 校外試務相關委員 東山高中108學年度甄選入學 模擬面試委員
2019 校外試務相關委員 統計學系108學年度碩士班甄試招生委員 書審與面試
2018/12/05 審查人 Sun Yat-Sen Management Review
2018/09/17 審查人 中國統計學社論文獎
2018/08/01 委員會委員 商學院 學生事務會議代表
2018/08/01 委員會委員 統計系 學生事務委員會
2018/03/10 審查人 科技部專題研究計畫審查
2018 學會、研討會 第十一屆海峽兩岸機率與統計學術研討會 會務委員會委員
2017/08/01 委員會委員 統計系 課程委員會
2017 學會、研討會 第 26屆南區統計研討會 公關服務委員
2016/08/01 委員會委員 統計系 學術委員會
2015/08/01 其他委員 統計系 104-108學年度學士班導師
2015/08/01 委員會委員 統計系 學術委員會
2015 學會、研討會 2015統計學術研討會 文宣與接待委員
2014/08/01 委員會委員 統計系 學生事務委員會


Year Project Awarder
2016 第十屆證券暨期貨金椽獎-學術組甲等獎 財團法人中華民國證券暨期貨市場發展基金會