Journal Paper

Year Journal
2018 Min-Hsiao Tsai,Analytical Expression for the Integrated Squared Density Partial Derivative of a Multivariate Normal Mixture Distribution,Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation,88,2726-2750,SCI
2017 Min-Hsiao Tsai、Lin, T. H.,Modeling data with a truncated and inflated Poisson distribution,Statistical Methods & Applications,2017/3/4 Accepted,,SCI,CIS
2016 Ting Hsiang Lin / Min-Hsiao Tsai,Model Selection Criteria for Dual-Inflated Data,Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation,86(13),2663~2672,SCI,CIS
2016 蔡旻曉,常態分配下平均數與變異數信賴區域之比較,統計與資訊評論,17,None,None
2016 Min-Hsiao Tsai,A Comparison on Confidence Regions for the Mean and Variance of a Normal Distribution,統計與資訊評論,17,69-82
2015 Lin, T. H.、Min-Hsiao Tsai、Hsiao-Chun Hsu,A Poisson Regression Model Handling Truncated Data with Multiple Inflations,Journal of the Chinese Statistical Association,53(2),128~144,CIS, JEL, Econlit
2013 Lin, T. H.、Min-Hsiao Tsai,Modeling Health Survey Data with Excessive Zero and K Responses,Statistics in Medicine,32(9),1572~1583,SCI,CIS
2012 Min-Hsiao Tsai,Efficient Discriminating Design for a Class of Nested Polynomial Regression Models,Metrika,75(6),809~817,SCI,CIS
2011 Min-Hsiao Tsai、Yin-Shi Chang,Robust Discrimination Experimental Design,Journal of Statistics and Computing,13,1~16,None
2011 Min-Hsiao Tsai,A Note on Lauter-Type Robust Design for Polynomial Regression Models,Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference,141(5),1958~1967,SCI,CIS
2009 Min-Hsiao Tsai,Criterion-Robust Optimal Product Designs for Discrimination between Nested Response Surface Models,Metrika,70(3),355~367,SCI,CIS
2004 Min-Hsiao Tsai、Mei-Mei Zen,Criterion-Robust Optimal Designs for Model Discrimination and Parameter Estimation : Multivariate Polynomial Regression Case,Statistica Sinica,14(2),591~601,SCI,CIS
2004 Tiee-Jian Wu、Min-Hsiao Tsai,Root n Bandwidths Selectors in Multivariate Kernel Density Estimation,Probability Theory and Related Fields,129(4),537~558,SCI,CIS
2004 Mei-Mei Zen、Min-Hsiao Tsai,Criterion-Robust Optimal Designs for Model Discrimination and Parameter Estimation in Fourier Regression Models,Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference,124(2),475~487,SCI,CIS
2002 Mei-Mei Zen、Min-Hsiao Tsai,Some Criterion-Robust Optimal Designs for the Dual Problem of Model Discrimination and Parameter Estimation,Sankhya : The Indian Journal of Statistics, Series B,64(3),322~338,CIS
2001 Yunchan Chi、Min-Hsiao Tsai,Some Versatile Tests Based on the Simultaneous Use of Weighted Log-rank and Weighted Kaplan-Meier Statistics,Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation,30(4),743~759,SCI,CIS
2000 Min-Hsiao Tsai、Mei-Mei Zen,A Robust Design for Model Discrimination,Journal of the Chinese Statistical Association,38(4),375~393,CIS, JEL, Econlit

Conference paper

Year Title
2017 Ting Hsiang Lin / Min-Hsiao Tsai,A New Inflated Poisson Regression Model Incorporating a Latent Class Variable,European Survey Research Association,Lisbon,Portugal
2016 Ting Hsiang Lin / Min-Hsiao Tsai,Modeling Data with Truncated and Inflated Poisson Distribution,31st International Workshop on Statistical Modelling,Rennes,France
2015 Lin, T. H.、Min-Hsiao Tsai、Hsiao-Chun Hsu ,A Poisson Regression Model Handling Truncated Data with Multiple Inflations ,The 6th Conference of the European Survey Research Association,Reykjavik,Iceland
2014 Lin, T. H.、Min-Hsiao Tsai,Model Selection Information Criteria for Inflated Data ,The International Conference on Trends and Perspectives in Linear Statistical Inference (LinStat2014),Linköping,Sweden
2013 Lin, T. H.、Min-Hsiao Tsai,Modeling Survey Data with Inflated Zero and K Responses ,The 78th Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society,Arnhem,Netherlands
2012 Lin, T. H.、Min-Hsiao Tsai,Distribution of Coefficient of Scalability in Mokken Analysis ,Australian Statistical Conference,Adelaide,South Australia
2012 鄧詠竹、蔡旻曉、林定香 ,零與壹膨脹卜瓦松迴歸模型之研究 ,第二十一屆南區統計研討會暨2012年中華機率統計學年會及學術研討會、2012年國際應用統計學術研討會,新北市,臺灣
2011 Mou-Yuan Liao、Min-Hsiao Tsai、Fei-Fei Kao、Chien-Hua Lin ,An Efficient Method for Estimating Process Yield in One Way Random Model ,2011國際應用統計學術研討會,新北市,臺灣
2010 Min-Hsiao Tsai,Model-Robust Optimal Designs for Polynomial Regression When the Upper Bound of Polynomial Degree Is Known ,第十九屆南區統計研討會暨2010海峽兩岸機率與統計研討會,臺南市,臺灣
2009 蔡旻曉、張殷實 ,準則穩健區別設計之研究 ,2009應用統計學術研討會,新北市,臺灣
2009 蔡旻曉、林東郁 ,模型穩健最適設計之研究 ,2009應用統計學術研討會,新北市,臺灣


Year Book

Research project

Unit Project Start Date Role
科技部(原行政院國科會) 觀察期間受限下計數資料之多重膨脹二項模型 2016/08/01 主持人
科技部(原行政院國科會) 具潛在變數的膨脹計數資料之研究 2015/08/01 主持人
科技部(原行政院國科會) 多點膨脹計數資料之研究 2014/08/01 主持人


Date Services Unit Role
2022/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 學生事務委員會
2022/08/01 其他委員 統計學系 111學年度學士班導師
2021/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 系教評會委員
2021/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 學生事務委員會
2020/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 系教評會委員
2020/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 福利與財產委員會
2020/08/01 其他委員 台北大學統計學系 109-110學年度學士班導師
2019/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 學生事務委員會
2019/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 系教評會委員
2018/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 學生事務委員會
2017/08/01 委員會委員 統計學系 學生事務委員會
2016 委員會委員 統計系 學生事務委員會
2015/08/01 其他委員 台北大學統計學系 104-108學年度碩士班導師
2015 委員會委員 統計系 課程委員會
2014 委員會委員 統計系 學生事務委員會
2013 委員會委員 統計系 學生事務委員會


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