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2016 Shang-Ying Shiu/Ting-Li Chen,On the strengths of the self-updating process clustering algorithm,Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation,86(5),1010-1321,SCI
2015 Shang-Ying Shiu/Ting-Li Chen,On the rate of convergence of the Gibbs sampler for the 1-D Ising model by geometric bound,Statistics and Probability Letters,105,14-19,SCI
2012 Chen-Chung Liu/Chun-Houh Chen/Hai-Gwo Hwu/Shang-Ying Shiu/Mau-Sun Hu/Chen-Hsin Chen/Tzung-Jeng Hwang/Chih-Min Liu/Ming H. Hsieh/Shi-Kai Liu/Wei J. Chen,Medium-term course and outcome of schizophrenia depicted by the sixth-month subtype after an acute episode,Journal of the Formosan Medical Association,111(5),265-274,SCI
2012 Shang-Ying Shiu/Constantine Gatsonis,On ROC analysis with nonbinary reference standard,Biometrical Journal,54(4),457-480,SCI
2009 Stanton, C./Papandonatos, G./Lloyd-Richardson, E./Shiu, S./Kazura, A./Niaura, R.,How do Mothers, Fathers and Friends Influence Stages of Adolescent Smoking?,Adolescent & Family Health,4(2),71-85,None
2009 Shih-Chang Chien/Paul H. Younga/Yi-Jou Hsua/Chun-Houh Chen/Yin-Jing Tien/Shang-Ying Shiu/Tzu-Hsuan Lia/Chi-Wen Yang/Palanisamy Marimuthu/Leo Feng-Liang Tsai/Wen-Chin Yang,Anti-diabetic properties of three common Bidens pilosa variants in Taiwan,Phytochemistry,70(10),1246-12547,SCI
2008 Shang-Ying Shiu/Constantine Gatsonis,The predictive receiver operating characteristic curve for the joint assessment of the positive and negative predictive values,Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A,366(1874),2313-2333,SCI

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2021 台北大學109學年度教學優良教師 台北大學
2018 台北大學107學年度教學優良教師 台北大學
2016 台北大學105學年度教學優良教師 台北大學
2015 台北大學104學年度教學優良教師 台北大學
2014 台北大學103學年度教學績優教師 台北大學
2012 台北大學101學年度教學績優教師 台北大學
2010 台北大學99學年度教學績優教師 台北大學