Journal Paper

Year Journal
2019 王祝三、胡家康,台灣企業內部人交易之動機及股票績效預測能力,證券市場發展季刊,,
2019 C. Edward Wang, Ramon P. DeGennaro,Overshooting: Evidence from Share Repurchases and Subsidiary Selling,Research in International Business and Finance,,SSCI
2015 Lee, M.C., H.M. Wee, Simon Wu, C. Edward Wang, R.L. Chung,An Optimal Bi-level Inventory Model with Cooperative Replenishment Policy,European Journal of Industrial Engineering,9(6),SSCI
2014 2. C. Edward Wang, Mei-Chen Lin, and Chia-Hung Yeh,Compensation Incentives, Employment Risk and Intended Risk Taking in the Taiwan Mutual Fund Industry,Journal of Financial Studies,22(2),TSSCI

Conference paper

Year Title
2015 C. Edward Wang,Investor Sentiment and Capital Markets,2015 International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM2015),,Japan
2014 C. Edward Wang,Puzzles on the Asset Growth Effect,2014 International Conference on Business and Information (BAI2014),,Japan
2014 王祝三、趙重光、江黃凱,投資人情緒與動能生命週期相關性之研究,2014企業競爭力與經營管理學術研討會,,台灣
2014 王祝三、趙重光、李翊君,投資人情緒與盈餘管理之因果關係檢測,2014臺灣商管與資訊研討會,,台灣
2014 王祝三、趙重光、周子媜,使用公司層級資料再檢測投資人情緒與股市對盈餘宣告之反應,2014臺灣商管與資訊研討會,,台灣


Year Book

Research project

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科技部 股票市場與企業投資 2014 主持人
科技部 科技部 2013


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Year Project Awarder
2016 第六屆聯電經營管理論文獎 管科會