Journal Paper

Year Journal
2021 Shiu-Li Huang* and Ya-Jung Lee,Diagnosing Service Success and Failure Incidents in the Consumer-to-Business Sharing Economy: A Case of Logistics Sharing,Journal of Global Information Management,accepted,SSCI
2021 Tung-Ching Lin, Shiu-Li Huang*, Wei-Xing Liao,Examining the antecedents of everyday rumor retransmission,Information Technology & People,,SSCI
2021 Shiu-Li Huang* and Yu-De Lin,Understanding Clickbait Effectiveness: A Perspective of Expectation Disconfirmation and Incongruity Resolution,Journal of e-Business,accepted,TSSCI
2021 Shiu-Li Huang* and Yi-Hsien Lin,Exploring consumer online purchase and search behavior: An FCB grid perspective,Asia Pacific Management Review,accepted,TSSCI
2021 Tung-Ching Lin, Shiu-Li Huang*, and Lin-En Huang,Exploring IS Project Outsourcing Success: A Psychological Contract Breach Perspective,Journal of Information Management,28(1),TSSCI
2020 Shiu-Li Huang* and Ming-Yen Kuo,Critical Success Factors in the Sharing Economy: A Customer Perspective,Service Business,14(4),SSCI
2020 Shiu-Li Huang* and Chih-Yu Chang,Understanding How People Select Social Networking Services: Media Trait, Social Influences and Situational Factors,Information & Management,57(6),SSCI, SCI
2020 Shiu-Li Huang* and Shu-Yu Kuo,Understanding why people share in the sharing economy,Online Information Review,44(4),SSCI, SCI
2020 Shiu-Li Huang* and Jui-Lun Tsai,Understanding Online Intrusive Video Advertising: A Cognitive Absorption Perspective,Journal of e-Business,accepted,TSSCI
2019 Shiu-Li Huang* and Ya-Chu Chang,Cross-Border E-Commerce: Consumers Intention to Shop on Foreign Websites,Internet Research,29(6),SSCI, SCI
2018 Tung-Ching Lin, Shiu-Li Huang*, and Shun-Chi Chiang,User Resistance to the Implementation of Information Systems: A Psychological Contract Breach Perspective,Journal of the Association for Information Systems,19(4),SSCI, SCI
2018 Shiu-Li Huang* and Chieh-Ting Chen,How Consumers Become Loyal Fans on Facebook,Computers in Human Behavior,82(May),SSCI, SCI
2017 Shiu-Li Huang* and Hung-Wei Chen,Understanding Online Intrusive Advertising: A Perspective of Attentional Inertia and Cognitive Engagement,International Journal of Commerce and Strategy,9(4),297-320
2016 Shiu-Li Huang, Sheng-Cheng Lin, and Ren-Jie Hsieh,Locating Experts Using Social Media Based on Social Capital and Expertise Similarity,Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce,26(3),SCI
2016 Shiu-Li Huang* and Hsiao-Hsuan Ku,Brand Image Management for Nonprofit Organizations: Exploring the Relationships Between Websites, Brand Images and Donations,Journal of Electronic Commerce Research,17(1),SSCI, SCI
2015 Tung-Ching Lin, Shiu-Li Huang*, and Chieh-Ju Hsu,A Dual-factor Model of Loyalty to IT Product – The Case of Smartphones,International Journal of Information Management,35(2),SSCI
2015 Shiu-Li Huang* and Wen-Chi Cheng,Discovering Chinese Sentence Patterns for Feature-based Opinion Summarization,Electronic Commerce Research and Applications ,14(6),SSCI, SCI
2015 Shiu-Li Huang* and Yi-Siou Chen,Recognizing Viewers' Affective States from Web Articles,Electronic Commerce Studies,13(2),SSCI, SCI
2014 Shiu-Li Huang* and Szu-Chen Chen,The Effects of Moods Induced by Webpage Content on the Effectiveness of Display Ads,Journal of e-Business,16(4),TSSCI
2014 Shiu-Li Huang*,The Impact of Context on Display Ad Effectiveness: Automatic Attitude Activation and Applicability,Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,13(5),SSCI, SCI
2014 Tung-Ching Lin and Shiu-Li Huang*,Understanding the Determinants of Consumers' Switching Intentions in a Standards War,International Journal of Electronic Commerce,19(1),SSCI, SCI
2012 Shiu-li Huang*, Sheng-Cheng Lin, and Yung-Chun Chan,Investigating Effectiveness and User Acceptance of Semantic Social Tagging for Knowledge Sharing,Information Processing & Management,48(4),SSCI, SCI
2012 Shiu-li Huang* and Jung-Hung Shiu,A User-Centric Adaptive Learning System for E-Learning 2.0,Educational Technology & Society,15(3),SSCI
2011 Shiu-li Huang*,Designing Utility-based Recommender Systems for E-commerce: Evaluation of Preference Elicitation Methods,Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,10(4),SSCI, SCI
2011 Shiu-li Huang* and Yu-hsiang Tsai,Designing a Cross-language Comparison Shopping Agent,Decision Support Systems,50(2),SCI
2010 Shiu-li Huang* and Chia-yin Lin,The Search for Potentially Interesting Products in an E-Marketplace: An Agent-to-Agent Argumentation Approach,Expert Systems with Applications,37(6),SCI
2009 Shiu-li Huang* and Chia-wei Yang,Designing a Semantic Bliki System to Support Different Types of Knowledge and Adaptive Learning,Computers & Education,53(3),SSCI
2009 Shiu-li Huang* and Yu-hsiang Tsai,Developing a Shopbot with Multilingual Ontology for Global E-Commerce,Journal of Internet Technology,10(2),SCI
2008 Shiu-li Huang* and Fu-ren Lin,Using Temporal-Difference Learning for Multi-Agent Bargaining,Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,7(4),SSCI, SCI
2007 Shiu-li Huang* and Fu-ren Lin,The Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Sales Agent for Online Persuasion and Negotiation,Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,6(3),SSCI, SCI
2006 Shiu-li Huang, Fu-ren Lin*, and Yufei Yuan,Understanding Agent-Based Online Persuasion and Bargaining Strategies: An Empirical Study,International Journal of Electronic Commerce,11(1),SSCI, SCI
2004 Fu-ren Lin*, Shiu-li Huang, and Nian-shing Chen,Incremental Revision of Recommendation Rules for Information Services,e-Service Journal,3(2),85-109

Conference paper

Year Title
2019 Shiu-Li Huang and Yu-De Lin,Understanding Clickbait Effectiveness,21st International Conference on Electronic Commerce,Busan,Korea
2019 Shiu-Li Huang and Meng-Ying Lin,Understanding SNS continuance from a perspective of friends’ self-disclosure and social support,International Conference on Innovation and Management,Hiroshima,Japan
2018 Shiu-Li Huang and Ya-Jung Lee,Diagnosing Service Success and Failure Incidents in Sharing Economy: A Case of Logistic Sharing Company,INFORMS International Conference,,Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Shiu-Li Huang and Chih-Yu Chang,Investigating How People Select Social Networking Services,The 5th International Conference on Education, Social Sciences and Humanities,,Dubai, UAE
2017 Shiu-Li Huang and Ya-Chu Chang,Factors That Impact Consumers' Intention to Shop on Foreign Online Stores,The 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS),,USA
2017 張芷瑜/黃旭立,探討人們如何選擇社交網路服務:媒體組合觀點,銘傳大學2017國際學術研討會,,台灣
2016 Shiu-Li Huang and Chuan-Feng Shih,The Effects of Deceptive Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Consumers’ Belief and Attitude Changes: A Longitudinal Study,The 2016 AMA Winter Marketing Academic Conference,,USA
2016 張雅筑/黃旭立,Factors that Affect Consumers’ Intention to Shop on Foreign Online Stores,台灣商管與資訊研討會,,台灣
2016 林宜嫻/黃旭立,Exploring Consumer Online Purchase Process and Search Behavior: An FCB Grid Perspective,2016第八屆臺灣商管與資訊研討會,,台灣
2016 陳玠廷/黃旭立,Why Do People Like Brand Fan Pages on Facebook? A Perspective of Value and Value Co-Creation,2016前瞻管理學術與產業趨勢研討會,,台灣
2016 郭書瑜/黃旭立,為何人們願意在共享經濟中分享資產:以社會交換理論、計畫行為理論與社會資本理論的觀點探討,2016財務金融與管理研討會(2016 FMC),,台灣
2015 蔡睿倫/黃旭立,Understanding Online Intrusive Video Advertising: Antecedents and Consequences of Cognitive Absorption in Video Scenarios,2015第十一屆支是社群國際研討會,,台灣
2015 Shiu-Li Huang and Hsiao-Hsuan Ku,Brand Image Management via Websites for Nonprofit Organizations,The 2015 International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education and e-Technology (e-CASE & e-Tech 2015),,Malaysia
2015 施權峰/黃旭立,信念與態度在不實線上口碑傳播過程中的轉變–縱貫性研究,銘傳大學2015追求高教卓越國際學術研討會,,台灣
2014 Shiu-li Huang,The context effect on display ad effectiveness,The 2014 International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, and e-Education,,Japan
2014 Shiu-li Huang and Hsiao-Hsuan Ku,How Nonprofit Organizations Manage Impression with Websites to Increase Donations,The 15th Conference on Electronic Commerce & Online Marketing,,Taiwan
2014 古筱萱/黃旭立,How Nonprofit Organizations Manage Impression with Websites to Increase Donations,第十六屆電子商務與網路行銷學術研討會,,台灣
2014 Shiu-li Huang and Hung-Wei Chen,Understanding Online Intrusive Advertising: Antecedents and Consequences of Cognitive Engagement,The 2014 International Conference on Information Management,,Taiwan


Year Book

Research project

Unit Project Start Date Role
科技部 新冠肺炎流行期間餐廳導入線上美食外送的促成因素與影響 (MOST 110-2410-H-305-038) 2021/08/01 主持人
科技部 探索不確定性對無為慣性的影響:以線上促銷為例 (MOST 109-2410-H-305-027) 2020/08/01 主持人
科技部 探索參與非官方粉絲專頁的影響因素 (MOST 108-2410-H-305-070) 2019/08/01 主持人
科技部 以期望失驗與失諧解困觀點探討點擊誘餌的效果 (MOST 107-2410-H-305-037) 2018/08/01 主持人
科技部 以媒體組合觀點探討人們如何選擇社交網絡服務 (MOST 106-2410-H-305-021) 2017/08/01 主持人
科技部 消費者跨境電商使用意圖之研究 (MOST 105-2410-H-305-060) 2016/08/01 主持人
科技部 不實網路口碑對消費者信念與態度的影響:縱貫性研究 (MOST 104-2410-H-305-058) 2015/08/01 主持人
科技部 非營利組織印象管理:探索網站、形象與捐贈之間的關係 (MOST 103-2410-H-305 -050) 2014/08/01 主持人
國科會 瞭解網頁內容的促發效果與情感注入效果的交互作用對網路廣告的影響 (NSC 102-2410-H-305 -060) 2013/08/01 主持人
國科會 瞭解情感狀態對線上廣告效果的影響以開發廣告遞送系統 (NSC 100-2410-H-305 -072 -MY2) 2011/08/01 主持人


Date Experience Unit Role
2018 編輯委員 企業管理學報 執行主編
2017/01 編輯委員 Electronic Commerce Research and Applications Associate Editor
2016/08 委員會委員 企業管理學系 系課程委員會委員
2014/08 委員會委員 企業管理學系 電子商務碩士學分學程召集人
2014/05 編輯委員 Decision Support Systems Senior Editor
2013/08 委員會委員 企業管理學系 電子商務研究中心研究組長
2012/08 委員會委員 企業管理學系 圖書委員


Year Project Awarder
2021 指導碩士生劉珊珊,榮獲2021崇越論文大賞佳作論文獎 台灣管理學會
2020 指導碩士生陳彥鈞,榮獲2020崇越論文大賞特優論文獎 台灣管理學會
2019 指導碩士生鄭宇恩,榮獲2019崇越論文大賞優良獎 台灣管理學會
2019 指導碩士生吳紫綾,榮獲2019崇越論文大賞優良獎 台灣管理學會
2018 指導碩士生李亞容,榮獲2018崇越論文大賞優等獎 台灣管理學會
2017 指導碩士生林孟穎,榮獲2017崇越論文大賞優良獎 台灣管理學會
2017 指導碩士生陳姿佑、徐英真、林育德、張家瑋、許睿芯、張奕涵,榮獲2017崇越行銷大賞最優行銷企劃獎 台灣管理學會
2017 指導碩士生張芷瑜,榮獲2017崇越論文大賞優等獎 台灣管理學會
2016 指導碩士生郭書瑜,榮獲2016崇越論文大賞優良獎 台灣管理學會
2016 第六屆聯電經營管理論文優等獎 管理科學學會
2016 指導碩士生陳玠廷,榮獲2016台灣服務科學學會學術研究獎-博碩士論文獎碩士組佳作 台灣服務科學學會
2015 指導碩士生蔡睿倫,榮獲2015崇越論文大賞優等 台灣管理學會
2014 指導碩士生古筱萱,榮獲2014全國管理碩士論文獎佳作 社團法人中華民國管理科學學會
2014 指導碩士生陳弘偉,榮獲2014全國管理碩士論文獎佳作 社團法人中華民國管理科學學會
2014 指導碩士生古筱萱,榮獲2014崇越論文大賞優等 台灣管理學會