Journal Paper

Year Journal
2019 Hsiao-Lun Lin, Shu-Ling Yeh, and Ai-Ru Yen,Effects of Translation on Probability Judgments: Evidence from the IFRS in Taiwan,Journal of International Accounting Research,18,
2017 Chun-Shuo Chen, Chih-Ching Yu & Jer-San Hu,Constructing Performance Measurement Indicators to Suggested Corporate Environmental Responsibility Framework﹐,Technological Forecasting and Social Change: An International Journal,,SSCI
2016 游志青、陳世雄,板田實業公司:早餐連鎖店品牌堅持還是快速展店?,管理評論,35(2),TSSCI
2014 Chia-Lin Hsu, Chih-Ching Yu & Cou- Chen Wu,Exploring the Continuance Intention of Social Networking Websites: An Empirical Research,Information Systems and e-Business Management,12(2),SSCI
2014 Chih-Ching Yu & Chun-Shuo Chen,From the Actual Practice of Corporate Environmental Strategy to the Creation of A Suggested Framework of Corporate Environmental Responsibility,Environmental Engineering Science,31(2),SCI

Conference paper

Year Title
2016 Yu, Chih-Ching、Chen, Chun-Shuo、Hu, Jer-San,Constructing performance measurement indicators to suggested corporate environmental responsibility framework,The 5th International EcoSummit Congress, EcoSummit 2016 - Ecological Sustainability: Engineering Change,,France


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2014/08 委員會委員 企業管理學系 系課程委員會委員


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