Journal Paper

Year Journal
2018 Ju-Yun Lin and Wenchang Fang,The effect of the size of food containers on the selecting behavior of college students,Physiology & Behavior,,
2018 Manuel B. C. B. F. Fonseca, Fernando A. F. Ferreira, Wenchang Fang, and Marjan S. Jalali,Classification and Selection of Tenants in Residential Real Estate: A Constructivist Approach,Journal of Strategic Property Management,,
2017 Wen-Hai Chih, Tao-Sheng Chiu, Li-Chi Lan, and Wenchang Fang,Psychological contract violation: impact on perceived justice and behavioral intention among consumers,International Journal of Conflict Management,,
2017 Fengyi Lin, Jui-Chieh Huang, Wenchang Fang, and Dong-Lin Wu,The Cause and Consequence of Financial Behavior: Using Conscientiousness as a Moderator,Transylvanian Review,,
2016 Chi Chen, Wenchang Fang, and Shiuh-Sheng Hsu(,A Study on Technological Trajectory of Light Emitting Diode in Taiwan by Using Patent Data,International Journal of Technology Management,,
2016 Wang-Yun Tseng, Yahui Hsu, and Wenchang Fang,The Effect of Surprise on Customer Satisfaction: The Moderating Role of Status Consumption,International Journal of Business and Information,,
2015 Ru-Jen Cheng and Wenchang Fang,Blog Intention Based on Fashion Involvement and Trust,International Journal of E-commerce Studies,,

Conference paper

Year Title
2017 Lo E.S.C., Siu W., Lin T., Fang W,Marketing-Oriented Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy, Self-Construal and Entrepreneurial Intention in a Collectivist Economy. In: Campbell C.L. (eds) The Customer is NOT Always Right?,Marketing Orientations in a Dynamic Business World. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science. Springer,,
2016 周芳春/方文昌,不同商品視覺呈現及促銷,如何影響消費者的選擇,2016銘傳觀光國際研討會-迎向觀光休憩產業未來發展、變革與挑戰,,台灣
2016 蔡偉隆/方文昌,資訊系統服務品質對客戶情緒、滿意度、情感承諾、忠誠度及行為意象之研究,2016第八屆臺灣商管與資訊研討會,,台灣
2016 廖珮妏/方文昌,Love at the first sight? The effect of product display on its attractiveness and purchase intention.,International Conference on Business and Internet 2016,,台灣
2016 莊雅嵐/方文昌/呂姿瑩,電子服務供應商與客戶忠誠度關係之研究,2016國際大數據與ERP學術及實務研討會,,台灣
2016 劉書豪/方文昌,高傲業務行為能提升消費者的品牌態度與購買意願?以在台灣銷售之奢侈品牌為例,2016第八屆臺灣商管與資訊研討會,,台灣
2016 陳思伶/方文昌,Using Big Data and Text Analytics to Understand How Customer Experiences Posted on Impact the Hospitality Industry,International Conference on Business and Internet 2016,,台灣
2016 李仁琦/方文昌,熱量標籤對消費者購買食物決策的影響,2016銘傳觀光國際研討會-迎向觀光休憩產業未來發展、變革與挑戰,,台灣
2016 楊尚勻/方文昌,The Impact of Degree of Ad-Brand Incongruity in building Attitudes of Rebranding,International Conference on Business and Internet 2016,,台灣
2015 蔡璥香奇/方文昌,您對品牌敏感嗎,是甚麼影響了採購者品牌敏感度?,2015淡江大學第九屆提升競爭力與經營管理研討會,,台灣
2015 蘇郁淳/方文昌,代言人重要嗎? 消費者對新舊品牌採用代言人之廣告效果研究,2015淡江大學第九屆提升競爭力與經營管理研討會,,台灣
2015 陳品禎/方文昌/丁姵如,Do you eat more or less? Effects of transparent package on,International Conference on Business and Internet 2015,,台灣
2015 陳泓儒/方文昌,你想換手機嗎?新產品上市策略對消費者置換意願之探討,2015淡江大學第九屆提升競爭力與經營管理研討會,,台灣
2015 莊許瑞/方文昌,職場衝突對團隊績效的影響? -以媒體同步理論的溝通過程做調節,2015淡江大學第九屆提升競爭力與經營管理研討會,,台灣
2014 楊政萍/方文昌,體驗價值對行動應用程式持續使用意圖及應用程式內建購買之研究−以LINE為例,TBI2014台灣商管與資訊研討會,,台灣
2014 李忠儒/方文昌,How brand image and fan loyalty effect purchase intention of peripheral products moderated by life style and self-expression,e-CASE & e-TECH 2014,,日本
2014 江怡臻/丁姵如/方文昌,How Does Brand Experience Affect on Consumers’conSumption Preference in Logo Display?,2014國立台北大學企業管理學系學術研討會,,台灣
2014 許宸瑋/方文昌,How Long You Wait Is Not What You Feel! Perceived Waiting Time Manage In Download Scenario,e-CASE & e-TECH 2014,,日本
2014 雷久昌/方文昌,你會使用4G嗎?,TBI2014台灣商管與資訊研討會,,台灣
2014 邱怡婷/方文昌,The relationship between entrepreneurial motivation and work-family balance of B&B innkeepers,e-CASE & e-TECH 2014,,日本
2014 蘇鈺婷/方文昌,How Images of Food Product Influence Your Choice under Different Promotions,e-CASE & e-TECH 2014,,日本


Year Book

Research project

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科技部 台灣與南韓的技術創新,孰強孰弱? 2016 主持人
科技部 敵人或朋友?與您的顧客重修舊好 2014 主持人
國科會 產品促銷是否仍然有效?訂價策略說服知識與曝光次數的影響 2013/08/01 主持人
科技部 2013 主持人
國科會 排隊前後人數與消費者從眾傾向對產品預期價值的影響--實體排隊與線上排隊觀點 2012/08/01 主持人
國科會 認知專注力、網路外部性與社交網路網站採用行為之跨國研究 2010/08/01 主持人


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