Journal Paper

Year Journal
2020 Yu-Shan Chen, I-Ya Chen, Yi-Yuan Chen, Hua-Dong Luan, Yi-Nung Peng, Chin-Tang Hsieh,The Motivation of Consumer Participation on Circular Economy and the Effect to Value Creation,企業管理學報,,EconLit / EBSCO / ABI / ProQuest
2019 彭奕農、陳思伃,正念及工作與家庭傾向對工作家庭間情緒溢出的初探,聖嚴研究,14,已接受
2019 Chen, I-Ya, Chun-Yueh Lin, Yi-Nung Peng, Yu-Shan Chen, Chin-Tang Hsieh,Evaluating the Optimal Solution on Crowdfunding, Angel and Venture Capital Based on the Hierarchical Framework Case Study of Lending Company in FinTech,Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy,,EconLit / EBSCO / ABI / ProQuest
2014 Yi-Nung Peng & Susan Walsh Sanderson,Crossing the chasm with beacon products in the portable music player industry,Technovation,34,SSCI
2011 劉奕亮、彭奕農、陳家祥,技術服務與顧客關係管理之研究以某太陽能電池設備代理商為例,產業與管理論壇,13(3),TSSCI
2009 Fang-Mei Tseng, Ai-Chia Cheng, Yi-Nung Peng,Assessing market penetration combining scenario analysis, Delphi, and the technological substitution model: The case of the OLED TV market,Technological Forecasting and Social Change,76(7),SSCI

Conference paper

Year Title
2019 彭奕農、陳思伃,正念向對工作家庭間情緒溢出的初探,聖嚴法師圓寂十周年紀念國際研討會–佛法與社會科學,新北市,臺灣
2018 陳思伃,彭奕農,正念、工作與家庭傾向對工作家庭平衡的探討,2018 企業經營管理及創新與創業管理研討會,,臺灣
2018 Yi-Nung Peng, Chen, Ya-Chin,The Impact of Environmental Consciousness, Product Involvement to Environmentally Friendly Products Purchase Intention: A structural Approach,全球企業永續論壇GCSF,,臺灣
2018 Peng, Yi-Nung, Su, Kuo-Wei, Lee, Yu-I, Chen, Ya-Chin,The Impact of Environmental Consciousness, Product Involvement to Environmentally Friendly Products Purchase Intention:A Structure Approach,JFBS 8th Annual Conference,,Japan
2017 彭奕農,王柏凱 2017,以創新擴散理論探討因素重要性在產品上市後之變化,2017商學專業與品德學術研討會,,臺灣
2017 彭奕農,陳雅琴 2017,環境友善產品購買意圖之研究,2017 第十八屆管理學域國際學術研討會,,臺灣
2015 Rituparna Mukherjee, Yi-Nung Peng,Custmers’ Responses to an Exceptionally New Product: A Study of the Smartphone Innovation,The MakeLearn and TIIM Joint International Conference,,Italy
2011 Shu-Hui Hsieh;Yi-Nung Peng,The Evolution of the U.S. Portable MP3 Player Industry,The Asian Conference on the Social Science,Osaka,Japan
2011 Yi-Nung Peng, Susan W. Sanderson,Identifying Market Takeoff in High Tech Industries,TIIM Conference 2011,,Finland
2010 Yi-Nung Peng, Kuan-Hoong Yap,Customers' Responses and the Formation of A Dominant Desing: the Early MP3 Player Innovation Evolution,TIIM Conference 2010,Pattaya,Thailand


Year Book

Research project

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Date Experience Unit Role
2017/03 學會、研討會 第11屆飛鳶盃全國商管個案競賽 評審
2016/08 委員會委員 企業管理學系 本校村騫希望獎助學金管理委員會
2016/08 委員會委員 企業管理學系 商院學生獎學金審查委員會
2016/03 學會、研討會 第10屆飛鳶盃全國商管個案競賽 評審
2016/02 委員會委員 企業管理學系 商院學生獎學金審查委員會


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