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2021 Wu, M. W., Xu, L.*, Shen, C. H. and Zhang, K. K.,Overconfident CEOs and Shadow Banking in China,Pacific-Basin Finance Journal,65,SSCI; 科技部財務領域A-Tier 2級
2021 Chen, T. H., Shen, C. H., Wu, M. W.* and Huang, K. J.,Effect of Shadow Banking on the Relation Between Capital and Liquidity Creation,International Review of Economics & Finance,76,SSCI; 科技部財務領域A–級
2019 Wu, M. W., Shen, C. H.*,Effects of shadow banking on bank risks from the view of capital adequacy,International Review of Economics & Finance,63,SSCI; 科技部財務領域A–級
2019 Huang, T. H.*, Shen, C. H., Wu, M. W. and Chang, Y. C.,Does CSR Engagement Affect Banking Efficiency in the Context of a Stochastic Cost Frontier?,Journal of Financial Studies,27: 4,TSSCI; 科技部一級
2019 Shen, C. H., Shi, J. G.* and Wu, M. W.,Is finance a veil? Lead‐and‐lag relationship between financial and business cycles: the case of China,European Financial Management,25: 4,SSCI;科技部財務領域A-Tier 2 級
2017 Wu, M. W., Shen, C. H.*, Chen, T. H.,Application of Multi-Level Matching Between Financial Performance and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Banking Industry,Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting,49: 1,科技部財務領域ATier-2級
2016 Chung-Hua Shen, Bu Lin, Kun-Li Lin, Meng-Wen Wu*,Twin Booms: The Lead–Lag Relation Between Credit and Housing Booms,Emerging Markets Finance and Trade,52,SSCI
2016 Shen, C. H., Lee, Y. H., Wu, M. W.*, Guo, N.,Does housing boom lead to credit boom or is it the other way around? The Case of China,International Review of Economics & Finance,42,SSCI; 科技部財務領域A-級
2015 Wu, M. W., Shen, C. H.* and Lu, C. H.,Do more foreign strategic investors and more directors improve the earnings smoothing? the case of China,International Review of Economics & Finance,36,SSCI; 科技部財務領域A-級
2013 Wu, M. W. and Shen, C. H.*,Corporate Social Responsibility in the Banking Industry: Motives and Financial Performance,Journal of Banking & Finance,1.5479166666667,SSCI; 科技部財務領域A-Tier 1級
2012 Wu, M. W., Shen, C. H.*, Lu, C. H. and Chan, C. C.,Impact of foreign strategic investors on earnings management in Chinese banks,Emerging Markets Finance and Trade,48:5,

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多年 國立臺北大學期刊研究獎勵
多年 中華民國科技部補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才
單年 中國金融學年會第四屆研討會優秀論文二等獎
單年 國立臺北大學年度績優導師
單年 台灣金融管理學會第三屆銀行管理與制度未來發展學術研討會最佳論文獎
單年 國立臺北大學外語授課優良教師
單年 中華民國管理科學學會:呂鳳章先生紀念獎章
單年 中國科技報研究會-​中國科技發展精典文庫優秀論文獎